Successful SaaS stacks

A great post for seeing what’s behind a good piece of software ‘these days’. For those that don’t know: A ‘stack’ refers to the preferred technology and tools chosen to run various parts of a product / service, and ‘SaaS’ stands for Software as a Service, and refers specifically to software and services that are hosted and managed for you, not things that you have to install, support, or update yourself.

Emphasis above on ‘these days’ relates to why this post resonates with me personally, as the stacks outlined are exactly what we meant in our notice about closing With Associates when we described an “ecosystem that was utterly unimaginable when we began”. It’s also what I meant in Point 8 of this post, about changing our old service offer, toward a more fixed cloud stack. It’s sort of what do these days, focusing on WordPress builds with the team and heritage of behind them. Smart move if you can build a team that’s up for it.