Old fashioned email blog post trick

This feels old fashioned at least. Not something you hear people doing now with so many apps and other methods of writing. Hell, blogging in any fashion is old fashioned to some extent. I digress. This is a test.

I’ve generated an email in my WordPress.com Dashboard. Do hyperlinks just work? Do images sit nicely?

How does it manage a caption? (This is from the brilliant Darkness Visible exhibition by Sam Winston at the Southbank Centre).

What about videos?

This too is from the Southbank Centre. One of those lift buttons that feels more like a placebo than actually of any use.

Finally, what about headings?


Or just in app styling?

Kind regards. 🤞

Update. Video didn’t work (– Video.MOV – Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons). Nor markdown. Or proper captions but that’s OK. Emoji bonus too! All else seems good.