Getting started in, and keeping up with the world of UX

TL;DR. Please share with me, your recommendations for sources of insight and inspiration in the (broad) world of UX**, for people that aren’t into it yet, but that want to be. 

Think about the little details though, not just classic beginner books. What are the niche little resources that you perhaps take for granted?

Essential people to follow on Twitter, invaluable newsletters with links to articles, agencies with a lovely ethic and portfolio of work, big famous agencies, that everyone ‘should’ know about, silly blogs with funny observations, serious and respected writers, Instagram accounts, and so on. Tell me your thoughts*, so that I can share with my students. 

Once collected, I’ll compose another post or page of links. And do by best to keep it up to date. Like Yahoo in 1994, but with more humble aims. 


*Here’s an example of my links. Sources and people and agencies that I almost intuitively read and check in on, but that are not at all obvious or all that findable for students in study, and interested in UX, UI, service design, and user first design and research in general. 

  • – On so many levels for me, Lou is really valuable to follow and be aware of. 
  • This deserves your attention, by leisa reichelt – Leisa’s links are like gold! Every reading list contains essential links that I only come across with her help.
  •,, – I’ve met people from all three, would be proud to work at all three, and feel it’s valuable to keep track of all three. 
  • – To those that know, IDEO is perhaps obvious, but I’m still stunned by the number of students that haven’t heard of them, and so feel like I’m giving a gift when I help with the discovery.
  • – This one’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. So nice to see someone else getting frustrated by little details.
  • – I wish he would write more. Like a more erudite and more positive version of in some ways, but like Leisa, very often the one to share ideas and articulate perspectives that feel too good to miss.

These are just a few examples, for giving an idea of what I mean by ‘sources of insight and inspiration’.

**Let’s not get into terminology and taxonomy here, suffice it to say, the world of design where we consider people, users, interactions, needs, services and experiences.