Having a go at National Blog Posting Month and not totally sure why

Inspired by Amy Hupe, I’ve decided to join in with National Blog Posting Month, or #NaBloPoMo as it’s known. I was inspired also from a semi flippant comment from a colleague:

Who reads the blog? Where is the blog? I didn’t know there was a blog!

It wasn’t said in reference to this blog, but it could easily have been, and I like that. And I like being reminded to question the point, not just of a blog, but of consistent public writing on any platform.

It’s not something I’ve ever found easy, for some obvious reasons, and other reasons that I’ve never really expressed, but finally, I think, out loud, that I will.

Still not totally sure why, or where exactly I’ll go with themes and subjects in 30 consecutive posts, but at the very least it’ll get me to empty out my drafts and stop procrastinating a bit, and that feels like it could be a good thing.