Barbershop semiotics and other subtle nudges

This little nudge from a barber shop came to mind again today.

The person at the desk doesn’t tell you to tip. There’s no sign saying ‘please tip’. And the barber certainly never asks for a tip.

But the placement of a few pound coins in front of the mirror politely informs customers that a tip would be a very nice idea.

I’m not sure if all things like this are nudges in the strict nudge sense. Take this other one from a cash point.

I like in particular here how the feet are so casually placed. You can almost imagine the person standing with their weight more on the right leg.

These subtle clues are all over the place. In signage and way finding most obviously, and in small acts and particular placements elsewhere. I don’t know why they’re tickling my mind at the moment so much, but I like that they are.

There’s a Thoughtless Acts feel about them also. Though, more with thought. Just unsaid.

They give me the desire to do proper and more conscious photography again. To get back to looking at things more mindfully, rather than just taking photographic notes and records.

Wonder if any of my old camera batteries still hold a charge?