Have you read? Have you heard? Have you seen? Have you been?

Based on these ‘1001 MUST’ type books and some quick calculations: assuming 74 minute long albums, 2 hour long films, 2 days per book and 7 days per place, it would take around 25 solid years to do all that we MUST do.

Factor in sleep and other necessities, and you’re looking at around 50 years of 7 day weeks.

Want your weekends as well as necessities, and assuming you can’t really start until you’re at least 6 years old, and you’re up to roughly 80 years.

(Or, overlap all the reading, listening and watching, while traveling, and you could feasibly cut it down quite a bit. Still, we’re taking about a lifetime of nothing but doing what these books say you MUST).

It leaves little time for ‘have you learned?’ but hopefully these 4000+ lessons should learn you all you ought to know.

I saw these books and was first hit by this FOMO-like thought in 2008. I wonder how many more MUST type books, albums and movies there have been since then?